Liège Reading Group

Liège Reading Group

Automne 2016


  • Michel Rigo
  • Émilie Charlier
  • Julien Leroy
  • Sébastien Labbé
  • Manon Stipulanti
  • George Hansoul
  • Victor Marseault
  • Adeline Massuir
  • Laurent Derudder

Livre choisi pour l'automne 2016: [Pin16].

Jour Date Sujet Orateur Local
lundi 3 oct 2016 10h Organisation S/O S/33
vendredi 14 oct 2016 13h30 Chapitre IV: Recognisable and rational sets Sébastien 0/36
vendredi 28 oct 2016 14h Chapitre V: Green's relations and local theory George 0/36
vendredi 18 nov 2016 13h30 Chapitre VI: Profinite words George (suite et fin) + Julien Leroy 0/36
vendredi 25 nov 2016 13h30 Chapitre VI: Profinite words Julien Leroy 0/36
vendredi 9 déc 2016 13h30 Chapitre VII: Varieties Adeline 0/36
vendredi 16 déc 2016 13h30 Chapitre VIII: Equations and languages Manon 0/36
mercredi 21 déc 2016 11h00 Chapitre IX: Algebraic characterisations Laurent S/33


[Pin16]Pin, Jean-Éric. Mathematical Foundations of Automata Theory, 2016. [pdf]

Fall 2015


  • Michel Rigo
  • Émilie Charlier
  • Elise Vandomme
  • Julien Leroy
  • Eric Rowland
  • Sébastien Labbé
  • Michelangelo Bucci
  • Manon Stipulanti

Book chosen for October: [BR88]. A previous edition available in french: [BR84].


  • September 10, 13h30, Organisation meeting (0/33)
  • September 23, 11h00-12h30, Michel Rigo, k-binomial equivalence [FGKMR15] (0/33)
  • September 30, 11h00-12h30, Émilie, Chapter 1 (0/33)
  • October 7, 11h00-12h30, Émilie, Chapter 1 (0/33)
  • October 14, 11h00-12h30, Eric, Chapter 2 (0/36)
  • October 22, 11h00-12h30, Eric, Chapter 2 (0/39)
  • October 29, Break, many participants are at Probability and numbers, Delft, NE
  • November 5, 14h, J. Shallit, Regular languages and prime numbers (S/36)
  • November 9, 13h30, Elise, Chapter 3 (0/36)
  • November 16, 13h30, Elise, Chapter 3 (0/36)
  • November 26, 11h-12h30, Francesco Dolce (0/36)
  • December 3, 14h, Fabien Durand
  • December 10, 11h, Sébastien, Chapter 5 (0/36)
  • Jan 6, 10h30, Jean-Philippe Labbé
  • Jan 6, 13h30, Sébastien, Chapter 5


[BR84]Berstel, J., et C. Reutenauer. Les séries rationnelles et leurs langages. Études et Recherches en Informatique. [Studies and Research in Computer Science]. Masson, Paris, 1984. [mathscinet]
[BR88]Berstel, Jean, et Christophe Reutenauer. Rational series and their languages. Vol. 12. EATCS Monographs on Theoretical Computer Science. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1988. [springer]
[FGKMR15]Freydenberger, Dominik D., Pawel Gawrychowski, Juhani Karhumäki, Florin Manea, et Wojciech Rytter. « Testing k-binomial equivalence. » arXiv:1509.00622 [cs], 2 septembre 2015. [arxiv]

Spring 2015

The book chosen for Spring 2015 is [Fo02].


  • February 23, 14h00, Manon Stipulanti, Chapter 2, Substitutions, arithmetic and finite automata: an introduction [slides]
  • March 12, 14h00, Eric Rowland, Chapter 3, Automatic sequences and transcendence
  • March 19, 15h30, Julien Leroy, ergodic theory
  • April 20, 13h30, Sébastien Labbé, Chapter 6, Sturmian words
  • May 7, 14h00, Julien Leroy, Chapter 7, Spectral theory and geometric representation of substitutions
  • May 13, 14h00, Michelangelo Bucci, Strong coincidence condition
  • June 11, 14h00, Émilie Charlier, Chapter 9, Substitutions inversibles
  • June 26, 10h00, Elise Vandomme, Chapter 11, Piecewise linear transformations of the unit interval and Cantor sets


[Fo02]Pytheas Fogg, Substitutions in Dynamics, Arithmetics and Combinatorics. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 2002. [doi]

Other ideas of books/article to read

Ideas of books to read: [Q10], [DM95], [DS02], [BR10], [BR15], [HW54].

Ideas of chapters to read: [Fu02].

Ideas of articles to read: [L84], [BH91], [CH73], [SU11], [N95].

References (books)

[BR10]Berthé, Valérie, et Michel Rigo, éd. Combinatorics, automata and number theory. Vol. 135. Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010.[doi]
[BR15]Berthé, Valérie, et Michel Rigo. Combinatorics, Words and Symbolic Dynamics. 2015?
[DM95]Lind, Douglas, et Brian Marcus. An introduction to symbolic dynamics and coding. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995. [doi]
[DS02]Lind, Douglas, et Klaus Schmidt. « Chapter 10 Symbolic and algebraic dynamical systems. » In Handbook of Dynamical Systems, édité par B. Hasselblatt and A. Katok, 1:, Part A:765‑812. Elsevier Science, 2002. [doi]
[HW54]Hardy, G. H., et E. M. Wright. An introduction to the theory of numbers. Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1954.[mathscinet]
[Q10]Queffélec, Martine. Substitution dynamical systems—spectral analysis. Second. Vol. 1294. Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2010. [doi]

References (chapters)

[Fu02]Furman, Alex. « Chapter 12 Random walks on groups and random transformations. » In Handbook of Dynamical Systems, édité par B. Hasselblatt and A. Katok, 1:, Part A:931‑1014. Elsevier Science, 2002. [doi]

References (articles)

[BH91]Boyle and Handelman, The spectra of nonnegative matrices via symbolic dynamics, Ann. of Math. 133 (2) 1991, 249-316. [doi]
[CH73]Coven, Ethan M., et G. A. Hedlund. « Sequences with minimal block growth. » Mathematical Systems Theory. An International Journal on Mathematical Computing Theory 7 (1973): 138‑53. [doi]
[L84]D. Lind, The entropies of markov shifts and a related class of algebraic integers, Ergodic Theory and Dynam. Systems 4 (2) 1984 283-300. [doi]
[N95]Nogueira, A. « The three-dimensional Poincaré continued fraction algorithm. » Israel Journal of Mathematics 90, no 1‑3 (1995): 373‑401. [doi]
[SU11]Smillie, John, et Corinna Ulcigrai. « Beyond Sturmian sequences: coding linear trajectories in the regular octagon. » Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society. Third Series 102, no 2 (2011): 291‑340. [doi]