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During Sage Days 31, I worked on the ticket #11459 to implement rst to sws conversion. This post intends to give some documentation about this new feature. Here is an example of a ReStructuredText file calculus.rst:


Let's do some calculus using Sage.


The derivative of $\\sin(x)$ is::

    sage: diff(sin(x), x)

The derivative of $\\log(x) + x^2$ is::

    sage: diff(log(x) + x^2, x)
    2*x + 1/x


Sage can integrate $\\int x^3 dx$::

    sage: f = x^3 
    sage: f.integral(x)

Let's compute $\\int x \\sin(x^2) dx$::

    sage: f = x*sin(x^2)
    sage: integral(f,x)

Both the files calculus.rst and calculus.html, which was generated from the file calculus.rst using Docutils and the command calculus.rst calculus.html, can be uploaded into the Sage Notebook (copy their URL):


This will create a new worksheet:


I also implemented two command line scripts to generate the worksheet text file:

sage -rst2txt file.rst file.txt

and to generate the Sage worksheet (.sws) directly:

sage -rst2sws file.rst file.sws

I also added the possibility to automatically escape every backslashes if they are not already so that they don't get lost in the translation process. For more info, consult the documentation:

sage -rst2txt -h
sage -rst2sws -h
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